Ahsania Mission Children City
Making differences in a child's life
Most Vulnerable & Disadvantaged Street Children (MVDSC) Rehabilitation Programme
Arif, Biplob and Imran obtained scholarship for the PSC-2017

The broad objective of the project is to support and rehabilitate the Most Vulnerable Distressed Street Children (MVDSC) of urban city centres in selected areas/cities of the country helping them to grow with their full potentials up to 18 years through education and specialized hands-on training on different trades of employable skills and child development services. Read More...

Children of the following categories would be the target beneficiaries of the project:
  • Children of 6-8 years of age who live, work, play and sleep on the street,
  • Most vulnerable children (MVC) of the disadvantaged families,
  • Devoid of parental care,
  • Equal opportunity for both sexes (boys and girls).

The Ahsania Mission Children City is ensuring integrated services and facilities for rehabilitation and potential growth of the children through a complete residential support following enrolment until they are educated up to SSC (secondary school certificate) level. A variety of services are planned to be provided Read More...